Handmade Notebooks

Explore a unique collection of handmade hard covered notebooks. The hand sewn book blocks are made of heavy weight paper, a diverse material, suitable for a wide variety of uses. Notebooks are available in different types of binding such as single section and multiple section. An example of the multiple section binding is that of the coptic stitch which results in an exposed spine binding. The notebook lies flat and is an ideal surface for sketching.

The hard cover not only protects the notebook but is created with a broad selection of decorative features that match all needs from a subtle book fabric to a combination of fabric and exquisite Japanese paper. Custom designed cover papers are also available in a variety of designs featuring geometric arranged elements. No two books are the same, which means you end up with a unique hand crafted book. Whether you are looking for a casual notebook for yourself or a tasteful sketching book for a gift you can consider any of the following items.

Photo albums, art graduation portfolios, college thesis and other similar projects can be hand bound on demand. The cover as well as the material of the book block can be customized according to ones need and taste.

Handmade single section pocket sized notebooks. These soft cover notebooks are the affordable version of the hard covered ones offering the same quality paper and craftsmanship. Their light weight and small size make them ideal for every day use.If you are interested in a workshop or a demonstration at your event, organization or educational institution, please get in touch through my contact form.

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