Conservation of art includes the examination, documentation and care of the artifact either by preventive conservation or by restoration. Conservation focuses on keeping the object as close to the original condition as possible, by applying non invasive methods to treat it, preventing its further deterioration. On the other hand, restoration focuses on repairing any damages caused that cannot be treated otherwise and require some kind of alteration of either the material, or the appearance of the original artifact.

However, both techniques have to be reversible, which means can be removed and the object can be treated again without causing any damage to the body of the object.

Trained as an art conservator, I can perform conservation or restoration of any organic material such as, paper, wood, icon, wall paintings etc. A first appointment should be made, for evaluation of the condition of the item and the cost of restoration. This appointment is free and does not bind you with proceeding with restoration of the item. A quote will be made afterwards and you can decide whether to proceed or not.

I can also provide consultation on proper storage of old paper documents, books, paintings, furniture as well as textiles and historic clothing. Again, a free consultation is offered and upon agreement, we proceed with the necessary work.

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